Most of our clients have been referred to us by parties we have previously done work for. They may see work we have just completed, or something from 5 years ago. Our work stands the test of time, as does our impeccable service quality.


Our first point of contact is generally via phone or email. We do like to speak with people personally, so that we can get our facts in a more direct sense.


Secondly, we set up a time to meet. During this initial meeting, we go over everything regarding the project (for example, if it's an existing room that the job will be taking place in, it's best to meet there) so that we can consider the details in forming an estimate of the amount of time and materials a job will require. If the room is not yet built, it is a great help to have a copy of the blueprints. The more information you have, and the more you know you want for sure, the smoother the job usually is. At this point, we take notes and talk to you, the customer, about the project.


The next step is to get back to you with a rough drawing, not too many details, and a ballpark price estimate. This is an important step, where we really meet with your expectations and your vision for the project.


Moving forward from these initial stages, in the interim before any following meetings (if necessary), we're tweaking ideas, and preparing a layout in either CAD or by hand, getting every detail drawn, gathering appliance cutsheets (an absolute mandatory before the design process), discussing colors, doors styles, and narrowing down the details so that we can bring live samples of the actual materials that we use: finishes, doors, etc. At this point, after checking everyone's schedules, we provide a timeline, and adjust the price accordingly if necessary.


We like to start by making live samples, and having you approve them. This is just one of the ways that we work with you to help you visualize what the process will result in. Then, we'll get drawings completed and approved verbally.


If possible, we like to finally do a walk through with all involved parties present. This could mean the homeowner, the architect, designer, or general contractors; any of whom are welcome to be present in the steps listed above. Once we're all in agreement, we set a preferred completion date and start working backwards from that date to figure out what needs to be done in what order so that the project will be completed at that date.


After these steps are completed, we start building! We encourage you to ask any questions you need to throughout the project. We like to send photos at different points to show our customers what something looks like, or to help explain the answer to a particular question. You are welcome to be involved as you like, after all, it is YOUR PROJECT! People often appreciate how we do this, as they are busy and don't want to come to a work site unless it is absolutely necessary.


When the cabinets are ready, if we haven't been on the job site for some time, we'll check the site to see if anything has changed since the last visit, usually just to find space to work in: setting up for cutting, and efficiently disposing of unneeded material, etc. It is good to be in touch with the contractors, so we all have a good idea of the stages of a project.


Finally, we install. We stay at a job until it's completed. If there are some unfinished details that can't immediately be resolved at this point, because of changes on our end or another contractor's end, or something needs to be made to work or work better, tops and plumbing can continue.


We are the perfect choice to work with for general contractors, architects, and designers due to our experience, our vision, and our flexibility. Feel free to have your contractor give us a call to see if our work is a fit for your budget.


When we have finished, we clean up, pack up, and check everything for function, adjustment and cleanliness. We'll vacuum and dust down our work areas. If there is a lot of construction still taking place, we recommend that the GC cover all of the cabinets up until they are not in danger of being bumped into or scraped. After all, it IS furniture!


After completion, no matter how long, we can service what we make and what we install. That is our commitment to the lasting quality of the custom work we do.


The process we take while building our customers' cabinetry involves a high degree of consultation and customer interaction. Through this process we've managed to create the cabinetry of our customers' dreams and have become a true leader within the custom cabinet industry.
From the Northwoods of Wisconsin to the Chicago Metropolitan Area...from suburban homes to public institutions...there is no project too big and no customer left unhappy. Check out our photo gallery of past projects...
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